AG League AlWasl and Shabab AlAhli Pre-Match press conference

Hellmann: I have confidence in the players' ability to play a good game despite absences

Al Wasl coach Odair Hellmann confirmed, that the team is training strongly to provide the best possible performance and win the three points, indicating the need for the team's players to continue with the same approach and desire to win same as the previous matches.

Hellmann, referred to the absence of the three team members, Fabio de Lima, Hueglo Neris, and Ali Saleh, who described him as influential, but he stressed his full confidence in the ability of the players in the squad to compensate for the absences.

Hellmann: All players should be ready, like what happened with George when we put him in the lineup against Khorfakkan, and he was amazing and gave a very good performance.

Hassan Ibrahim: expressed his confidence in the team's ability to achieve a positive result, pointing out that the influential absences in the squad of the emperor would be an additional incentive for all players to show a good performance against of Shabab AlAhli.

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