With Ten players AlWasl draws with Shabab AlAhli

Dubai Derby ended with a draw 2-2 in the 12th round of AG League which was held friday night at Za'abeel stadium.

Al Wasl kicked off with a perfect start and opened the scoring early by Joao Figredo, in the 3rd minute, after a teamwork and elaborate passes, ending with a perfect cross from Abdel Rahman Saleh, to the Brazilian, who converted the ball into the visitors' net.

The 8th minute witnessed a controversial arbitration foul after the player Abdul Rahman Saleh received a red card, after contacting the guest’s player, and the replay showed that the player did not deserve to be sent off, but the referee decided that there was a violation that required the red card.

In the 15th minute, the sniper Joao Figredo, converted Ronaldo Mendes’s cross, with one touch in the goal of Shabab Al Ahli, announcing the second goal for the Emperor.

The guests intensified their attacks, but Al Wasl played in an organized defensive manner and closed the spaces on the guests' play keys, relying on the long balls of Nasser Mahmoud and Figredo, behind Shabab Al Ahli defenders.

The 21st minute witnessed a second controversial referee case, after he awarded a penalty kick to the visitors on Salem AlAzizi, but after returning to the “VAR”, the referee canceled his decision.

Shabab Al Ahli dominated the middle of the pitch and tried to break the defensive bloc of the Emperor by shooting from long distances, but the defense of the “yellows” and goalkeeper Hamid Abdullah, thwarted the visitors' attempts and was on the lookout.

In the 3rd minute of stoppage time, defender Hoglu Neris almost added the third goal, after hitting a strong header but went over the crossbar.

The first half ended with Al Wasl advancing, with two goals to none.

At the start of the second half, Shabab Al Ahli pressed hard to overcome the difference, and at the 49th minute, they managed to score the first goal through Carlos Eduardo.

Al Wasl seemed affected by the the red card and could not form any danger to the guests, and in the 56th minute, Shabab Al Ahli scored the equalizer through a second header from Carlos Eduardo.

In the 79th minute, coach Oder Hillman paid Hamad Al Balushi instead of Hoeglo Neris, who was injured, followed by a second substitution with Natan Felipe, at the expense of Nicolas Oroz.

In the 83rd minute, a magic pass from the middle of the field from Nasser Mahmoud, to reach Natan Felipe, who was alone facing the goal, but hit the ball straight in Majid Nasser.

Hellmann, pushed Habbouch Saleh, instead of Nasser Mahmoud, in the 85th minute to activate the offensive side of the team, and to use the player's passes in the rebounds that the Brazilian coach relied on.

The referee counted 5 minutes of added on time, to end the match with a positive draw with two goals for each team, and the Emperor's rose to 16 points.

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