Al Wasl Comes back with a draw at the 90th minute from Kalba

Al Wasl drew with hosts Kalba with a goal each, in the match hosted in kalba Stadium, in the fifth round of the ADNOC Pro League. The match started enthusiastically from the home team but without danger, the emperor worked to calm the rhythm of the match in the first minutes and then limited the play in the middle of the field between the two teams, with the 14th minute Al Wasl began to develo attacks and almost opened the scoring through Fabio de Lima's shot from outside the penalty area but passed next to the right-hand post.

Kalba tried to exploit the speeds of its players on the sides, but the yellow team's defensive system succeeded in preventing any danger on Ibrahim Issa's net.

In the 28th minute an organized attack from Al Wasl ended with a powerful shot through Ramiro Benetti, inside the penalty area but collided with the defenders of Kalba, to bounce back to Brazilian striker William Pottker, in front of the goal but did not succeed in dealing with the ball as required.

In the 40th minute, Kalba surprised everyone and succeeded in scoring the first goal of the game from a direct free kick by Ahmed Amer, in the far left corner of the goalkeeper Ibrahim Issa, to end the first half with the hosts advancing with a goal to none.

At the start of the second half, manager Odair Hellmann made the first substitutions with The Entry of Abdulrahman Saleh in place of Abdullah Khamis.

In the 50th minute, Pottker went from the middle of the field and hit a weak ball that passed away from the goal, after which the Emperor began to launch more attacks on Kalba's defences, in an attempt to score the equaliser.

With the 60th minute, Hellmann made two substitutions with Ali Saleh and Salem Al-Azizi, at the expense of Muftau Owlabi and Michel Araujo, to increase the team's offensiveness.

In the 62nd minute, Pottker passed from the right with the skill of kalba defender, and hit a ball in the narrow corner but goalkeeper Jamal Abdallah succeeded in countering it, and in the 64th minute Ali Saleh, dodged the defenders of Kalba and hit a strong ball, which the goalkeeper turned into a corner.

In the 81st minute Hellmann made the fourth switch with the entry of young Brazilian striker Luiz Henrique, in place of defender midfielder Hassan Ibrahim, followed by a final substitution in the 85th minute with the entry of Habush Saleh, instead of Ramiro Benetti in a last-ditch attempt to equalise.

In the 90th minute a wonderful cross from Salem Al Aziz to William Pottker in the penalty area, turned it from one touch into the goal to draw the emperor in stoppage time, which was estimated by the referee for 8 minutes, to end the match with a 1-1 draw.

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