The "EMPEROR" Loses the Derby foe two goals to one

Al Wasl lost the derby match to Al Nasr 2-0, in the match hosted by Za'abeel Stadium, in the ninth round of the ADNOC Pro League.

The emperor's dangerous features began early, with two consecutive attacks by golden boy Ali Saleh, who was close to opening the scoring in the derby in the 7th minute from a powerful shot that passed next to the right-hand post of goalkeeper Ahmed Shamibeh.

\Al Wasl showed ferocity and strength from the first minutes, playing in a high pressure style on victory defenders so as not to allow them to build the attack, and pressed the blue team all over the pitch in the first 15 minutes.

In the 20th minute, contrary to the direction of the game, Al Nasr succeeded in obtaining a penalty, awarded to defender Mfatao Olabe, amid a state of public anger that the referee of the meeting did not return to the technique of al-Far, to lead the guests to the link with a goal for free.

Al Wasl tried to modify the score and intensified his attacks, but received the second goal in the 32nd minute through the header of Tijali, who took advantage of an error in the yellow team's defensive positioning.

In the 35th minute Ali Saleh leads an attack from the right side and passes from more than one defender with an individual effort, to play a perfect ground cross to Ali Salemin, who shot the ball into the left post, to miss on the link the chance of a goal achieved.

The play was confined in the middle of the field between the two teams, although the connection was relatively more dangerous, but he was unable to visit the victory net, until the referee awarded a penalty to the link after Abdallah Khamis Juma was blocked in the penalty area, but the Brazilian striker wasted the ball to end the first half with the emperor delayed by two goals.

At the start of the second half, coach Odier Hillman made the first of the substitutions by entering Salem al-Azizi instead of Mfatwa Olabe.

Al Wasl dominated the first half and intensified his attacks until he achieved what he wanted, and scored the first goal in the 64th minute through the header of the brilliant Michel Araujo, after a follow-up to the Brazilian offer William Potker, after which Hillman made an offensive change to equalise with the entry of Mohamed Alabbri at the expense of Hamad Al Balushi.

The yellow flood continued on the victory goal, and from a quick counterattack Salem Al Azizi almost scored the equalizer from a powerful shot that passed along the right-hand post in the 72nd minute, followed by a rocket shot in the 75th minute from Abdullah Khamis from outside the penalty area that almost hugged the net.

Hellmann pushed Mohamed Abdulrahman in the 89th minute instead of Mohamed Sabil in the hope of equalising in the final minutes to end the match with a 2-1 victory.

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