AG League Al Wasl vs Al Nasr Pre-Match press conference

Salem Rabie: the derby is just a 3 points match

Salem Rabie: The derby match is always characterized by excitement and challenge, due to the competition between the two teams for decades, but in the end it is a 3-

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Salem Rabie leads the EMPEROR after Reghecampf

Alwasl football company officially announced signing a contract with coach Salem Rabie to take over the coaching staff for the team, and this step comes to provide a

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AG League AlWasl vs Hatta Pre-Match press conference

Salem Rabie: I thank AlWasl board of directors for the trust they gave me, and I’ll fight my way to success with the team

Salem Rabie expressed his thanks to AlWasl management for giving him the assurance to lead the team during this transitional period, after the departure of Reghecamp

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Alwasl football company approves Laurențiu Reghecampf Resignation

Al Wasl Football Company decided to approve the resignation offered by the 1st team coach Reghecampf, after meeting between the two parties today.

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AG League AlWasl and Baniyas Pre-Match press conference

Laurențiu Reghecampf: we have a full team and we strive to build on Alwahda Match

Reghecampf: the match will be difficult and open to the two teams, Baniyas has a balanced and strong lines and have great players.

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