A medical partnership between Al Wasl Football Company and Al-Tadawi Medical Group

Al Wasl Football Company signed a contract with Al-Tadawi Medical Group to become a medical partner for the club in the new season 2021-2022. And based on the agreement concluded between the two parties, the group will provide the necessary medical care for all club players of all categories.

This step comes in the interest of the club's board of directors to provide medical care in line with international standards, which will contribute to reducing the risk of sports injuries, and better rehabilitate and improve the performance of players on the field.

Mr. Mohamed Ali Amer, CEO of Al Wasl Football Company, welcomed the partnership with Al-Tadawi Medical Group, which is one of the leading medical edifices in Dubai, stressing that Al Wasl management has always paid special attention to the medical file of the club’s members, because of its great importance on the social and sports levels.

Mohamed Ali Amer: We are keen to provide distinguished partnerships in all fields, commensurate with the position of the ancient club, and we are confident in the success of the partnership with Al-Tadawi Group for a long time.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Al-Tadawi Healthcare Group, Marwan Haji Nasser, said that we are pleased to be the partners of the prestigious Al Wasl Club, in its journey during the new sports season, and we hope to provide the best forms of treatment and health care for the Emperor's affiliates.

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