AG Cup AlWasl and Alwahda Pre-Match press conference

Laurențiu Reghecampf: Alwahda match will not be easy and we have to win

Reghecampf: AlWahda is one of the elite teams in UAE, they have an excellent squad and a great coach. They are one of the nominees to win the AG Cup, but we have to overcome them and qualify for the next round if we want to clinch the title.

the team has prepared during the past months through training and friendly matches, in a hot weather, I’m not concerned about the team’s results in friendly matches, because these kind of matches it’s for training and rebuilding of the players fitness in preparation for official tournaments.

Reghecampf: expressed his happiness at the return of Ronaldo Mendes, from his long injury, as well as singing 3 new foreigners to the squad, which will give the team better options. He pointed to the possibility of relying on young talents from the academy, we hope that the team is ready for the start of the new season, and that we present a good performance.

Haboush Saleh: the players feel excited to compete in the new season of the AG Cup, after a long break due to Covid 19 pandemic. He added that the match against Alwahda is always characterized excitement, and what increases the strength of the match is the new tournament system, which are held as knockout stage for the home and away matches.

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