AG League Al Wasl vs Al Wahda Pre-Match press conference

Salem Rabie: Alwahda is an open book match

Salem Rabie: All teams knows how to play facing other teams, after 4 match weeks of the tournament phase, he considered the match an open book and the two teams are fully aware of each other's capabilities.


He added that AlWahda have good offensive capabilities, but he sees AlWasl defense evolving from one match to another, stressing his endeavor to reduce the danger of Alwahda forwards and disorder their key players. He pointed out that pressure in football is normal, any team wants to achieve a championship has to deal with it.


Nicolas Oroz said, AlWahda have achieved good results in the previous matches, and have players who are capable of making a difference, pointing out that AlWasl also has players capable of making difference.


He added that the team won over AlWahda in the cup, but it is a different tournament, and the league has special situations. Stressing the need to achieve the three points to continue the improvement and rise in the league table.

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