AG League AlWasl and Ajman Pre-Match press conference

Salem Rabie: Ajman match is not easy and we miss the number 12 player


Salem Rabie: The team has a great desire to take the three points, to improve its position in the standings table, pointing out that the match will not be easy against Ajman, who have excellent players who play collectively

saying: They will try to do their best to win, especially after losing in the last week. He added that A Wasl lacked the fans support due to the Corona pandemic, noting that the emperor has a sweeping popularity and his fans represented the 12th player, unlike some clubs that were not affected by playing in empty stands.



Sultan Al Manthari said that facing Ajman is never easy, especially at rashid bin saeed, indicating that their loss in the last round is not an indication of anything.

Stressing the need to play cautiously in front of them, given the capabilities they possess at the individual and collective levels.

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