AG League AlWasl and Al Nasr Pre-Match press conference

Hellmann: The DERBY is a special match

Hellmann: Al Nasr is a strong team that has great players who can pose a great danger if Al Wasl does not pay attention, the team prepared well for the match and our goal is to clinch the three points.

Hellmann: I experienced the derby atmospheres a lot in Brazil, and I know what these matches means to the players and the fans, it doesn’t matter how where the two teams are in the league table, a derby is a derby.

Hellmann: Al Wasl seeks to finish the league perfectly and achieve an advanced position in the ranking table, but the team will take matters step by step, but now we need to focus on the Al Nasr match first.

Ali Salmeen: the players prepared well for the match, and the match is always full of excitement and beautiful performance from both sides.

Salmeen: Everyone is waiting for such matches to give their best on the pitch, Our fans may be absent from the stands, but they are present in our hearts. We will play tell the last minute for them.

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