AG League AlWasl vs Hatta Pre-Match press conference

Salem Rabie: I thank AlWasl board of directors for the trust they gave me, and I’ll fight my way to success with the team

Salem Rabie expressed his thanks to AlWasl management for giving him the assurance to lead the team during this transitional period, after the departure of Reghecampf.

Salem Rabie: I was a player and coach in AlNasr Club, but today I represent AlWasl Club. We are in the era of professionalism and I will do everything in my power to succeed with the emperor.

Salem Rabie: I have been with the team for 3 months, and I’m well aware of the level of each player, AlWasl has players who have great level of professionalism to deal with such situations, and they can correct the circumstances and achieve the best.

He explained that the team prepared for the Hatta team naturally over the past few days, saying: We seek to win and remedy some of the negativities that occurred facing Baniyas, to restore the team's stability in the league.


Fabio de Lima: affirmed the team's support for coach Salem Rabie, stressing the need to erase the bad start facing Baniyas, to achieve a victory against Hatta, who also lost the first match, which will make the match more difficult because the two teams' desire to win.

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