AG League Baniyas vs AlWasl Pre-Match press conference

Hellmann: We are able to take the three points from AlShamkha

Al Wasl coach Odair Hellmann stressed, during the pre match press conference of BaniYas match in the 14th round of the Arabian Gulf League, the emperor's readiness to face the “Sky Blues” on Saturday night, despite the influential absences that the team suffers from recently.

He stressed the importance of the match and its strength, especially as it is on "Al Shamkha" stadium.

Hellmann: Baniyas is a strong team this season and has great elements, but we have succeeded in providing good results during the previous matches, and if we continue in the same way, we will win the three points.

For his part, Nasser Mahmoud explained that Al Wasl's main goal is to win all matches, regardless of the competitor's name and position in the table.

Nasser: We are able to return with the three points from Baniyas Stadium, the emperor has great players in all positions, and we will do our best in the match to make our fans happy.

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