Al Wasl Concludes the first round with a draw against Al Dhafra

Al Wasl tied with its host Al Dhafra, with a goal for each in the match that was held between them, Saturday, at Hamdan Bin Zayed Stadium, in the 13th round of the Arabian Gulf League.

The match began enthusiastically between the two teams, but without a real danger to the two goals, even if the preference was for Al Wasl in the middle of the field, especially in terms of organization and spread. In the 10th minute, captain Fabio de Lima scored the first goal after he received the long ball beautifully and dodged the goalkeeper, but the referee canceled the goal due to offside.

Al Wasl continued to put pressure on the opponent, and in the 19th minute through a corner from the left, the emperor was close to opening the scoring with Ghanaian defender George's header, but he did not play it properly.

In the 30th minute, Mendes fired another powerful shot, from a free kick directly at the borders of the Al Dhafra penalty area, but AlSenani saved it, with difficulty.

Al Wasl was distinguished in the first half by the rapid rhythm of play and high pressure on the defenses of Al Dhafra, and succeeded in recovering the ball quickly, which allowed Alwasl to have absolute control over the course of the match, but without scoring goals, to end the first half with a negative draw.

The emperor's control continued in the second half of the match at the same pace, and in the 55th minute, Joao Figueiredo succeeded in scoring the first goal brilliantly after receiving a pass by Ali Saleh, to be left by the Brazilian sniper, in the left corner of goalkeeper Khaled AlSenani.

in the 57th minute, Al Dhafra team managed to equalize, through striker Pedro Conde, after a mistake in Al Wasl's defensive positioning.

In the 68th minute, George Duoping was injured, and Odair Hellmann pushed Abdulrahman Ali, instead of the Ghanaian defender.

Al Dhafra pressed, and relied on crosses in an attempt to snatch a second goal, so Hellman pushed, in the 81st minute, Nasir Mahmoud, instead of Ali Saleh, followed by another substitution by entering Habbush Saleh, at the expense of Abdulrahman Saleh, to develop the offensive side of the team.

The emperor intensified attacks in the last minutes, besieging the home team to score the three points goal, and in the 84th minute, captain Fabio de Lima fired a powerful shot, but AlSenani took it out, with the tips of his fingers and turned it into a corner.

The match referee counted 3 minutes in stoppage time, so the match ended in a one goal draw each, and Al Wasl increased to 17 points.

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