Al Wasl loses from Baniyas in the president's cup

Al Wasl bid farewell to the President's Cup, from the quarter final, after losing 1-0 to its host Baniyas, in the match that was held Monday evening, at AlShamkha Stadium.

The match started with high pressure from Baniyas, with the aim of confusing the Emperor's defense, but Al Wasl intended to calm the game and pass the balls in the middle of the field to absorb the enthusiasm of Baniyas. In the 5th minute, Abdul Rahman Saleh almost opened the scoring after a great start from the left side, during which he dodged more than one player, but the right post of goalkeeper Fahd Al Dhanhani blocked the ball.

In the 15th minute, Abdel Rahman Saleh played a wonderful cross to Joao Figredo, in a wonderful way in the goal, but Al Dhahanani's brilliance prevented the ball from entering the net.

The two teams exchanged attacks and control in the middle of the field, and Baniyas was more dangerous in some balls, the 30th minute, Nicolas Oroz, with a wonderful pass between the defenders reached the striker Figredo in the penalty area, he shot strongly, but was also blocked by goalkeeper Fahd Al Dhanhani.

Al Wasl tried hard, relying on counter-attacks in the last minutes in an attempt to exploit the speeds of "Golden Boy" Ali Saleh, and to score a goal. But the first half ended with a goalless draw.

The “Yellows” appeared more lively and desirous at the start of the second half and pressured Baniyas in the middle of their stadium, but without real danger.

In the 75th minute, captain Fabio de Lima set off and passed Baniyas defender, to hit a powerful ball, but “Al Samawi’s” defender pushed it away, in the final moments.

In the 85th minute, Abu Namous scored a controversial goal after the ball touched his hand before he fired it into the goal, but the referee decided there was no violation. Hellmann tried to correct the situation and pushed Ronaldo Mendes, instead of Ali Salmeen, in the 87th minute, followed by another substitution by entering Habbouch Saleh, with Hassan Ibrahim, then a third substitution by entering Nasser Mahmoud instead of Abdulrahman Saleh, hoping to score the equalizer.

The referee counted 3 minutes in stoppage time, which the captain of the team, Fabio Lima, receive a red card.

The match ended with Al Wasl losing 1-0 and farewell the championship.

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