Al Wasl loses the first leg semi final

Al Wasl lost to its guest Shabab Al Ahli in the first-leg matches of the Arabian Gulf Cup semi-final, with two goals to none, Tuesday evening at Za’abeel Stadium.

Al Wasl started the first half, balanced and closed the gaps for the guests, and relied on Haboush Saleh's quick passes, to the duo Luiz Henrique and Nasser Mahmoud, in attempt to take advantage of the slowness of the guests' defense and score a goal that eases the team's mission in the match, on the other hand, Shabab Al Ahli pressed strongly on The emperor's defenses, which stood for all of the guests' attempts.

In the 37th minute, Hamdan Al Kamali, the defender of Shabab Al Ahli, violently attacked Habbouch Saleh, on the borders of the Shabab Al Ahli penalty area, and played a long pass in the back of Al Wasl defense to Igor Jesuss who took the ball and scored the opening goal of there match and the referee decided to not go to the “VAR”.

In the 40th minute Habbouch Saleh, played a magic pass among Shabab Al Ahli defenders, to reach the ball to Luiz Henrique, who played the ball over the goalkeeper, but the flag was raised for offside, and the first half ended with the guests leading with a free goal.

At the start of the second half, coach Odair Hellmann entered Ronaldo Mendes instead of Abdulrahman Saleh, to activate the offensive side of the team, and in the 53rd minute Hamad Al Balooshi played a great long pass that reached Nasir Mahmoud, in front of the goal, but he did not succeed in taming the ball, to be caught by Majid Nasser.

In the 62nd minute, striker Joao Figredo, returning from injury entered instead of Luiz Henrique, in attempt by Hellmann to increase the pressure on Shabab Al Ahli, Indeed, the guests retreated and Al Wasl dominated the course of the match, and the shots were repeated from Mendes, and Oroz on the goal, but the goalkeeper Majid Nasser, prevent the them.

In the 78th minute, Hellmann made a third substitution by entering Natan Felipe, at the expense of Nicolas Oroz, and in the 82nd minute, Shabab Al Ahli succeeded in adding the second goal, taking advantage of a mistake in the defensive positioning of Al Wasl.

Hellmann responded, with two changes at once, by entering Walid Al Hammadi and Youssef Ahmed, instead of Habush Saleh and Nasser Mahmoud, in a final attempt to reduce the goal difference.

But the match ended with Al Wasl losing by two goals to none.

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