Al Wasl loses to Al Ain in AG League


Al Wasl lost to Al Ain, with two goals to one in the match that was held between them at "Za'abeel" Stadium, in the sixth week of the Arabian Gulf League.

Al Wasl started the first minutes of the match with a defensive way, relying on quick counterattacks, and in the 11th minute, Joao Figueiredo almost opened the scoring in the match after receiving a pass from the right side through Oroz, behind Al Ain defenders, but the Brazilian did not succeed in controlling the ball.

In the 23rd minute, Al Wasl captain, Fabio Lima, received a heel pass from Figueiredo, in the penalty area, to pay a powerful shot, but goalkeeper Khaled essa blocked it. This was followed by an interval of passes, in the 24th minute from the right, which ended with a shot by Brazilian Figueiredo, over the crossbar.

The cheetahs continued to dominate the course of the match from the 27th minute, and the yellow team tightened its grip on the middle area, until the ball reached Fabio Lima, from the right side, who did not hesitate to aim it towards the goal, so that the ball bounced from goalkeeper Khaled essa, and Ali Saleh, the "golden boy", followed. To settle the ball in Al Ain net, announcing the first goal of the emperor in the Classico.

in the 31st minute Fabio sprinted from the middle of the field, until he reached Al Ain penalty area and hit a ball that went past the left post. In the 33rd minute, Natan Felipe played a cross from the right that touched Al Ain defender hand, but the referee decided that there was no violation.

Al Wasl returned and continued the attacks in the 37th minute when Salem Al Azizi launched from the left side and passed by more than one player, until he reached Al Ain penalty area and almost scored a amazing goal, but he stumbled before he hit the ball.

In the 42nd minute, and against the course of the match, Al Ain scored the equalizer through Mohamed Abdullrahman, who received a pass from Wilson, to end the first half with a tie.


At the start of the second half, Al Wasl coach Salem Rabie entered the  goalkeeper Sultan Al Manthri, instead of Hamid Abdullah, who was injured.
In the 55th minute, right defender Salem Al Azizi got the second yellow card, after a clear handball, and was taken off the field with the red card. Salem Rabie tried to correct the situation directly and pushed the left back, Abdullrahman Saleh, instead of Ali Saleh,
But a handball on Hugelo Neris, in the penalty area, gave Al Ain a penalty kick, from which Al Ain striker Kodjo Laba scored the second goal in the 61st minute.
Salem Rabie pushed Nasser Mahmoud, instead of Nicolas Oroz, to activate the team's offensive side in the 84th minute. Al-Wasl attempts continued, to equalize, but to no avail, and the match ended with Al Ain winning 2-1.


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