Alwasl football company approves Laurențiu Reghecampf Resignation

Al Wasl Football Company decided to approve the resignation offered by the 1st team coach Reghecampf, after meeting between the two parties today.


The resignation came based on the agreement of the two parties, after the team stumbling start in the first week of AG League by losing to Baniyas 1 to 4.


The Al Wasl football company thanked the coaching staff, Reghecampf and his assistants for the efforts they made throughout the previous period in which the coach had led the team since the middle of 2019/2020 season.


In turn, Reghecampf, thanked the board of directors for the time he spent at the club, and for the great respect and cooperation he had enjoyed from day one until the contract between the two sides ended.


The football company decided to assign coach Salem Rabie to lead the team’s training during the upcoming period, until an agreement is concluded with the new coach.

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