Figueiredo leads Al Wasl to the quarter final of the president cup

Al Wasl qualified for the President's Cup quarter-finals, after defeating Fujairah away, with one goal in the match that was held Saturday evening at Fujairah Stadium.

The match started with enthusiasm from the two teams, but without danger to any side, the match was limited to the midfield. The first sign of danger came with the advent of the 17th minute, when Nicolas Oroz fired a shell that was blocked by the left post of goalkeeper Saleh Rabei.




In the 20th minute, Fujairah defender blocked Ali Saleh's run in the penalty area, but the referee decided that there was no penalty. Al Wasl dominated the course of the match intermittently, but clashed with the defense of the host team, who thwarted the emperor's attempts to open the scoring.




In the 40th minute, Ali Saleh's cross, which hit the Fujairah defender, almost went into the net, but goalkeeper Saleh Rabie saved the ball from the goal line, depriving the emperor of the goal. The first half ends with a goalless draw.





With the start of the second half, the yellow's intensified his attacks to score the first goal, and in the 51st minute, Brazilian sniper Joao Figueiredo scored the first goal, after receiving a pass by captain Fabio de Lima, who skillfully dodged the defenders of the home team.




Fujairah tried, by surprise by the emperor, in more than one attack to draw the score and return to the match, but the road to Sultan al Manthari’s goal was blocked and the emperor’s defense brilliantly spoiled the opponent’s attacks.




In the 79th minute, coach Salem Rabie, replaced Joao Figredo with Ronaldo Mendes, to relieve pressure on midfield, and to use spaces in Fujairah's defense. In the 89th minute, Nasser Mahmoud participated, replacing Nicolas Oroz.



The referee counted 4 minutes added on time, to end the match with Al Wasl's victory over Fujairah, and going to the quarter-finals of the President's Cup.












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