Official statement

Official statement In response to what was raised in the media about the failure of Al Wasl Football Company's complaint to the UAE Sports Arbitration Center, about the events of the Bani Yas match, on 21/12/2020 in the President's Cup, during which team captain Fabio De Lima received a red card.

Al Wasl Football Company affirms, without going into the legal basis and with all rights reserved, the following:

  • The request for arbitration is prepared and established in the proper legal form, and we preferred to wait until the response reaches us to the letters sent to the federation and its specialized committees that are included in terms of the result, our desire to be fair to the club and its player and to punish the wrongdoer. Through the Federation and the legally competent committees for the public interest.
  • Article 26 of the Center's procedural rules relating to the request for arbitration, its notification and its dates, stipulates that the request for arbitration is submitted on the form prepared for that purpose in the administrative apparatus of the center, which fulfills the conditions, but it was noticed that the aforementioned form was not included in the list of procedural rules as an appendix to the regulation. And there is no website for the center to date, which hindered obtaining a copy of the form.
  • Al Wasl Football Company wonders about the mechanism of obtaining the form in the event that any party wants to argue before it in its capacity as the owner of the state jurisdiction and not others to dismiss and settle all sports and related disputes.

The club’s board and Football Company affirms to the club's fans first and to the sports community secondly their commitment to the rights of the club, the company and their players, and that they are taking all necessary legal measures to preserve these rights based on the principle of great confidence in the fairness and justice of the Football Association and its committees and bodies and the center established under the law, And that they are willing and able to give everyone thier right.

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