President's Cup AlWasl and Fujairah Pre-Match press conference

Salem Rabie: Fujairah match is not divisible by two

Salem Rabie: the team's preparations for this tournament is different from any other tournament, adding that the match will not be easy for the two teams, as they are looking for victory, and qualify to the quarter-finals of the most desired cup.

Salem Rabie: The match is not divisible by two, and I trust our ability to advance to the next round. Pointing out that all the teams dream of winning the most beloved championship, and Al Wasl will seek this honor.


Fabio de Lima: the goal of Al Wasl is clear, which is to bypass Fujairah and qualify for the QF, stressing that the players' great desire to compete for the championship absent from the emperor since 2007, indicating that the levels of the teams are close and there is no preference for a team over The other is in the knockout matches, and stressed the importance of handling cautiously and playing smartly, in such matches because they are different from the league.

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