The "EMPEROR" beats Al Nasr and wins the Derby

Al Wasl succeeded in defeating its host Al Nasr, with a free goal in the match that was held on Sunday evening at Al Maktoum Stadium, in the 16th round of the Arabian Gulf League.

The match began with high pressure from the emperor and got 3 corners in less than three minutes, after 10 minutes of the match, Al Nasr began to control the middle of the field, but without danger to Sultan’s goal.

Al Wasl intended to calm the game and absorb the enthusiasm of Al Nasr, by passing the balls in the middle of the field, and waiting for a gap in their defense.

In the 24th minute, Fabio de Lima, with a wonderful individual effort passing by more than one player and passing a wonderful pass to Ronaldo Mendes on the right side, but the Al Nasr defender roughly interfered with the Brazilian player, to demand a penalty kick, but the referee indicated that the play was fair.

In the 27th minute, a powerful shot by the Algerian player, Mehdi Obeid, hit the right post of Al Manthari.

In the 38th minute of an organized attack, Joao Figueiredo played a cross to Ronaldo Mendes, who hit a header but was not strong enough, to be caught by Al Nasr goalkeeper easily, after which the play was limited in the middle of the field between the two teams to end the first half with a goalless draw.

The second half began with caution of Al Wasl, and relied on quick counter attacks on the side of Ali Saleh, who did not find enough space, to be replaced by Habbush Saleh, to increase the team's offensive ability.

In the 60th minute, another substitution was followed by the entry of young Brazilian striker Luiz Henrique at the expense of Joao Figueiredo, in an attempt by Hellmann to take advantage of Henrique's speed, through counter attacks that the coach focused on.

In the 76th minute Fabio de Lima opened the scoring in the game with a superb volley shot, after a mastered cross from Ronaldo Mendes's left side.

Then the emperor closed the spaces on the key players of Al Nasr, and presented a wonderful defensive match in the last 15 minutes, and Al Nasr failed in all attempts to break through Al Wasl's defenses, to end the match with the victory of “ALFHOOD” with a goal to none.

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