The "EMPEROR" continues the strong performance and wins Baniyas with two goals

Al Wasl continued to present the strong performances in the recent matches and achieved an important victory over BaniYas, with two goals to none in the match that was held on Saturday evening at Al Shamkha Stadium, in the 14th round of the Arabian Gulf League.

Al Wasl began the match cautiously to absorb the enthusiasm of the home team in the first minutes, and in the 16th minute Sultan Al Manthari shone, and succeeded in deflecting a surprise missile ball from Sultan Al Shamsi, BaniYas's pressure continued, in an attempt to find a gap in the defense of the emperor.

With the 22nd minute, Habboush Saleh passed, a magic pass that reached Nasser Mahmoud, in the middle of the pitch, to launch like a leopard towards the goal, deflecting goalkeeper Fahd Al Dhanhani, skillfully announcing the first goal of the Emperor.

The home team continued trying to penetrate the defensive line of Al Wasl, but the team remained steadfast and closed the spaces on the key players to play in the heavenly attack, and relied on quick counterattacks, taking advantage of the tremendous speeds of Ali Saleh, Nasser Mahmoud, and Brazilian newcomer Luiz Henrique.

In the 29th minute, the Emperor launched a lightning attack on BaniYas, through wonderful and fast passes between the team's players, which ended with a powerful shot from Henrique, but it was far from the goal.

In the 39th minute, Ali Saleh, the "golden boy", added the second goal for “AlFhood” after taking advantage of BaniYas defender's mistake, and hit a powerful volley that landed in the net of Al Dhanhani.

The 44th minute witnessed a quick takeoff from Ali Saleh, on the left side, where he dribbled more than one player and shot a strong ball, but it overcame the crossbar, to end the first half with a deserved lead for the yellow with two free goals.

The second half began with a fierce attack from BaniYas, in an attempt to close the difference. On the other hand, Al Wasl sought to calm the game and pass the ball from one touch in the middle of the field.

In the 67th minute, a wonderful pressure from Luiz Henrique, during which he succeeded in extracting the ball from the BaniYas defender, to pass the balll to the back of Mohamed Sebil, to send a wonderful cross to the golden boy, who hit a strong header that passed next to the right post of goalkeeper Fahd Al Dhanhani.

In the 82nd minute, Odair Hellmann paid Yousef Ahmed instead of Habbouch Saleh, followed by another substitution with the entry of Walid Al Hammadi, at the expense of Luiz Henrique in the 90th minute, to end the match with a victory for Al Wasl, with two goals to none and raised to 20 points.

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