The emperor crosses Ajman with three in a dramatic match

Al Wasl defeated its host Ajman by three goals to two in the match that took place on Monday at Rashid bin Saeed Stadium, in the eighth week of AG League.

The start came strong from both sides seeking to open the scoring early, and the Ajman team was more dangerous in the first minutes of the match, but after 15 minutes Al Wasl took control of the middle of the field, and began to launch attacks through Natan Felipe, on the right side who sent crosses but not with the required accuracy, the Emperor tried to penetrate from the rear through the long passes from Mendes and Lima, in the direction of Figueiredo, who encountered fierce resistance from the defense of Ajman.

In the 30th minute, Ajman took advantage of a mistake in Al Wasl's defensive positioning and scored the first goal through Boubacar Traouli. The emperor continued his pressure, and from a wonderful follow-up Nicolas Oroz scored the equalizer, in the 39th minute, less than a minute after scoring the equalizer, Al Wasl launched a quick counterattack through Ali Saleh, who passed the ball to the Brazilian sniper Joao Figueiredo, in The penalty area to score the second goal in the 41st minute.

The emperor continued his awakening, and after only two minutes he succeeded in consolidating his lead with a third goal from a missile aimed from the "golden boy" Ali Saleh, which went into the net of goalkeeper Ali Alhosani, in the 43rd minute.

The first half ended in dramatic fashion and Al Wasl was able to reverse his delay with a goal to lead by three goals in less than 5 minutes.

Ajman entered the second half more insistent on reducing the difference, and succeeded in the 50th minute of scoring the second goal.

In the 54th minute, the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of Al Wasl, but after returning to the "VAR", it became clear that the ball did not touch the hand of Ajman defender, and the decision was canceled.

Salem Rabie pushed Salem Al Azizi, instead of Natan, to strengthen the right flank in the 61st minute, followed by another substitution in the 67th minute, with Ali Salemin entering, instead of Ronaldo Mendes.

Al Wasl sought to calm the rhythm of the match, and possess the ball for the longest period possible, to preserve the match's result while relying on counter attacks. Ajman tried to return to the match again, but his attempts, which approached towards the emperor's goal, were met by the yellow defense with great ingenuity. And in the 81st minute, Nasser Mahmoud entered, instead of, Nicolas oroz.

The referee counted 4 minutes in stoppage time, to end the match with the emperor's victory, with three goals to two, and raised to 12 points in the league table.

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