The emperor wins difficultly against KhorFakkan

Al Wasl achieved a difficult victory over, KhorFakkan, with a goal to none in the match that was held between them at Saqr bin Muhammad Al Qasimi Stadium, in the 11th round of the Arabian Gulf League.

The first seconds of the match saw a dangerous opportunity from striker Joao Figueiredo, after he succeeded in extracting the ball from the Khorfakkan defender, but he slowed down the ball to allow the defenders of the home side to save their goal from an early goal.

In the 19th minute, Khorfakkan managed to penetrate Al Wasl defense, with a long ball that reached the striker of the team who passed Humaid Abdullah, but Ghanaian George Dwbeng saved the ball from the goal line and prevented Khorfakkan scoring the first goal.

The two teams tried to control the middle of the field, by exchanging balls and playing on the gaps in the opponent's defense, but neither team succeeded in imposing full control over the course of the match, until the 34th minute came for Nasser Mahmoud who succeeded in scoring the first goal with a wonderful shot that went into the goalkeeper's net, but the referee canceled the goal for "offside", but the goal was confirmed after returning to the “VAR”. The first half ended with the emperor in front with a free goal.

The beginning of the second half, Khorfakkkan pressured “Alfhood” defenders, in attempt to score the equalizer, but Al Wasl quickly corrected the situation and began to impose the way of playing, the 51st minute witnessed Abdelrahman Saleh penetration, from the left side to pass the ball to Figueiredo, who shot the ball but it was Weak to the goalkeeper hand.

Khorfakkan intensified his attacks, especially on the sides, and relied on crosses, in the 59th minute, Hamid Abdullah brilliantly deflected his goal after confronting a difficult header from the home striker, which almost embraced the net. In the 63rd minute, Nasser Mahmoud was injured and coach Odair Hellmann entered Hamad Al Blooshi instead.

The two teams exchanged attacks, but they did not had a danger to the goals and there were many wrong passes in the middle of the field, with the game entering the last quarter hour, Al Wasl retreated to the middle of pitch in an attempt to maintain the lead, and relied on counter-attacks through Ronaldo Mendes’s passes, to Ali Saleh, behind Khorfakkan defenders.

In the 90th minute, Hellmann pushed defender Natan Felipe, instead of Nicolas Oroz, followed by another substitution by entering Haboosh Saleh with Ali Saleh. The match ended with Al Wasl winning with one goal to none and raised his tally to 15 points.

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