The EMPEROR'S Defeats the King's and qualifies to the Semi Final

Al Wasl qualified to the semi finals of the Arabian Gulf Cup, after defeating Sharjah, with two goals to none in the second leg match that was held, Tuesday, at Za’abeel Stadium.

The match started quickly, and each team tried to impose control on the middle of the field, but neither team succeeded in that, and the first 15 minutes of the match did not witness any real opportunity from both sides, apart from Ali Salmin's powerful shot from outside the penalty area, which hit Sharjah defender, in the 16th minute.

After 30 minutes, Sharjah began to take over the course of the match, but without danger. On the other hand, Al Wasl appeared in a balanced manner and played on the mistakes of Sharjah players, and at the 37th minute a wonderful cross from Habbouch Saleh, almost put it by Figueiredo, in the goal, but goalkeeper Adel Al Hosani, He pushes the ball away, to be followed by Ali Saleh, and strikes a powerful shot in the direction of the empty net, but it collides with the feet of the guests' defender and turns into a corner.

Al Wasl intensified his attempts on the goal and in the 41st minute, Hamad Al Balooshi, passed a smart pass from the right side to the next for Haboush Saleh, who placed the ball in the net of Sharjah, announcing the first goal of the emperor.

Sharjah rushed in, trying to score the equalizer before the end of the first half, but Al Wasl remained intact, and almost added the second goal in the 45th minute by Ali Saleh, who wasted a complete solitude on the goal, after dodging more than one player.

The first half ended with Al Wasl progressing with a free goal.

At the start of the second half, Al Wasl launched a quick attack through Habbouch Saleh, who passed a magic ball between Sharjah's defenders from the left side, to reach Ali Saleh in the penalty area, but he was tackled before he put it into the net, so the referee counted a penalty kick in the 46th minute, the ball was taken by the Brazilian sniper Joao Figueiredo, scoring the Emperor's second goal.

Al Wasl succeeded in closing the spaces in front of the guests, and Hellmann relied on the longitudinal balls behind Sharjah's advanced defense, and in the 52nd minute, the emperor was close in adding the third goal, from a quick counterattack after quick passes between Figueiredo and Nasser Noor, ending with a shot from Habush Saleh, but the ball went a little higher of the crossbar.

In the 72nd minute, Salem Saleh, almost reduced the difference in favor of Sharjah, after receiving a cross from the left side, he shot it strongly towards the goal, but Sultan Al Manthiri saved his goal.

In the 80th minute, Odair Hellmann pushed the newcomer Luiz Henrique instead of the brilliant Habbouch Saleh, followed by a second substitution in the 85th minute with Youssef Ahmed entering, at the expense of Ali Ibrahim.

In the 90th minute, the rising striker Walid Al Hammadi joined, at the expense of Joao Figueiredo.

The match ended with Al Wasl winning, with two goals to none, and qualify to face Shabab Al Ahli in the semi-finals of the Arabian Gulf Cup.

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